About the AEO Program:


A global customs program recommended by the World Customs Organization (WCO), implemented by many Customs Administrations globally; based on a partnership between the private sector and the Customs Administration, and it is based on the voluntary compliance with the criteria and requirements approved for the program by the companies involved in the global supply chain operating in international trade, and thus benefiting from the facilities and incentives granted to certified companies.


UAEO Program:


A customs program implemented in the UAE, similar to global AEO programs, according to which customs requirements are voluntarily complied with by supply chain companies operating across the nation, as companies and institutions adhering to these standards are granted membership of the program and thus obtain all approved facilities and privileges.

AEO Objectives:


The main objective of the AEO program is to provide support and strengthen the partnership between Customs Administrations and the business community through the enhancement of compliance, security measures, and trade facilitation by identifying compliant and secured "Operators" within the business community. Hence, encouraging best practices at all levels across the international supply chain.

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