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We work with our partners to ensure the society’s security, safety and economic prosperity through facilitating legitimate trade across the Emirate’s borders in line with the applicable regulations and policies

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Empowerment, Collaboration, Innovation, Partnership, Integrity, Accountability

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Abu Dhabi Customs Services

Abu Dhabi Customs provides you with multiple primary and subsidiary customs services that aim to improve the customs efficiency to enhance its role in maintaining security and facilitating trade. These include customs clearance services, services for individuals, companies and passengers, in addition to providing the necessary support to traders, companies and all business sectors. The following is a list of the most popular customs services:

Clearance of Goods

Offered to goods that are being imported, exported, or re-exported in addition to goods that are in transit through Abu Dhabi lands and free zones

Financial Disclosure

Disclose your belongings of currency, interchangeable financial belongings, high-value goods or gemstones of value exceeding 60,000 AED

Issuing Importer Number

Submit a request to issue an importer number for all categories. This code is used to apply for the rest of the customs services

Refund of Customs Duties

Refund the duty paid in cases where foreign goods are re-exported or when levied in excess due to wrong data entry

Refund of Deposits

Applicable for goods cleared from temporary admission status or when submitting the original documents within the specified time

Authorize a Customs Broker

Authorize a customs broker to perform customs dealings, enter the customs zone, and access to the Dhabi system


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Restricted and Prohibited Goods

The UAE Government prohibits the entry of certain goods and restricts some other ones. Restricted goods are goods whose import and export is restricted under the GCC Unified Customs Law or any other law and needs prior authorization from the specialized authorities prior to import.

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Abu Dhabi Trade Statistics

The foreign trade statistics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi highlight the importance of statistical data that contribute to the development and prosperity of the national economy as a reference for researchers, scholars and those interested in planning and statistics affairs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
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