How to Apply: Steps to join the UAEO program


  • Submit an application to join the UAEO program to Abu Dhabi Customs at
  • After assessing the application and approving it by the UAEO validator team, the business entity is provided with a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to complete the information required by the Abu Dhabi Customs Administration
  • The SAQ is analyzed and once approved, the business entity that applied is contacted by the UAEO validator team to coordinate the field validation visit
  • The business entity is notified after the field verification visit of its eligibility to join the UAEO programme in the event that all conditions and requirements have been met, or it is provided with a correction plan for the gaps identified during the field verification visit to work on improving them and coordinate another field verification visit.
  • Admitted companies to the programme are provided with the UAEO certificate



For more information or for submitting applications please contact us on the following email:


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