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Since mid-2018, Abu Dhabi Customs has organized a series of training workshops on “Hayyak” Program, in response to the initiative of the Government of Abu Dhabi, represented by the Department of Culture and Tourism, to standardize customer service standards for the purpose of developing awareness and training on the concepts of customer service and the importance of effective communication with the public during the provision of customs services, by providing participants with the basic skills that help them achieve the highest rates of customer service and happiness in customs centers.

The training workshops of “Hayyak” program targeted customs inspectors and shift officers in all land, sea and air customs centers of Abu Dhabi Customs, where the training workshops were designed in one-day-program style for customs inspectors at 6 training hours a day and two-day-program for shift officers at 12 training hours a day. The training plan was implemented on the basis of 4 training phases organized by Abu Dhabi Customs instructors at the Abu Dhabi Customs Institute who formulated their training material.

The first phase began with training the staff of the Abu Dhabi International Airport Customs Center in cooperation with the Department of Culture and Tourism and the Gulf Aviation Center, where 20 training programs for inspectors were conducted to target all employees of Abu Dhabi International Airport Customs Center and the training was done.

The second phase was then initiated by the training and qualification of the instructors of Abu Dhabi Customs Institute, through the Department of Culture and Tourism, where four of the trainers of the Institute were trained through a number of different training workshops, in order to fully prepare them for the transfer of knowledge and training of participants in all customs centers.

The third phase was intended for training the employees of Zayed Port Customs Center and the Khalifa Port Customs Center, where Abu Dhabi Customs Institute conducted 6 training programs, including 5 for inspectors and one for shift officers. This phase benefited 50% of the staff of Zayed Port Customs Center and the Khalifa Port Customs Center.

The fourth phase targeted the customs centers of Al Ain City, where Abu Dhabi Customs Institute conducted 14 training programs, including 12 programs for inspectors and two for shift officers, with a total percentage of participants in the fourth phase of Al Ain City reaching 60% of the employees, and the next phase will be intended for training the customs officers of Ghweifat border point in Al Dhafra region.

During all the training workshops, the lecturers highlighted the most important concepts of customer service and happiness in order to provide distinguished customer service befitting Abu Dhabi Customs and its strategy in support of the government trend of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi towards providing a role customs model. Hayyak program was designed in line with the vision of the Abu Dhabi Government to provide guidance and the best practices to provide distinguished customer service that would enable front-line workers and service providers to perform their roles professionally to build a base of happy and loyal customers and maintain its growing size.

The workshops also focused on the most important skills that service providers must have and by which they achieve the highest satisfaction rates among customers, by focusing on the importance of understanding and identifying the needs and expectations of customers so as to create a positive initial and final impression among customers by meeting these needs and expectations, as well working on satisfying these needs and expectations and facilitating the procedures of complaints in such a way that addresses the problems of customers and deal with anger cases, if any, with skillfulness and professionalism, in addition to the need for service providers to have the skills of providing services over the phone and the means of communication available, and deal effectively with functional stress to understand the ways of its management and prevention.

The trainees praised the distinguished workshops of “Hayyak” program, stressing the great benefits of such workshops for their future work, pointing out the role of the General Administration of Customs - Abu Dhabi in developing and upgrading the efficiency of its employees to reach the highest performance rates in the field of customer service and happiness.

It is noteworthy that “Hayyak” Program is a strategic initiative by the Government of Abu Dhabi aimed at establishing collaboration and integration between partners at airports, seaports and land ports that receive passengers and visitors towards setting firm and specific standards with which government employees must comply when providing their services to the public to ensure that customers receive the same level of service from everyone regardless of how different is the nature of their work.

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18 Sep 2023

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