The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs launched the updated version of the goods clearance service – as its first developed customs service – within "Abu Dhabi Program for Effortless Customer Experience", with the aim of facilitating the customer's journey and experience, and reducing effort and time by reducing the procedures necessary to obtain the service in a way that supports the global trade movement and doing business in Abu Dhabi.

The updated service, which is available through Abu Dhabi Unified Government Services System “Tamm”, provides an effortless experience for the customer, by reducing the number of steps to complete the "Clearance of Goods" service request to two steps and fill some data automatically when entering with the electronic identity (e-ID), on one electronic page using Smart devices, such as mobile phones, computers, or tablets, with the addition of the possibility of accessing and obtaining the service for all customer categories of individuals and companies from inside and outside the country, while it was previously available exclusively to companies from inside the country that have the Emirates ID, and it required 13 steps to complete the journey in addition to filling data in multiple pages.

The efforts of Abu Dhabi Customs enhanced the “Clearance of Goods” service to improve the customer experience in accordance with the best international standards in this field, whereby individuals, the business community and companies can benefit from it to release their goods upon entering or leaving the customs ports, as this service is concerned with goods that are imported in cases of Commercial entry, personal entry, clearance of import and temporary entry of goods or commodities that are exported and re-exported, and in cases of clearance of re-export goods, or clearance of goods in transit through the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and between free zones within the country, or another emirate or neighboring countries.

Abu Dhabi Customs used through the development of its services, the pioneering comprehensive model of the “Abu Dhabi Effortless Customer Experience Program” to improve the customer experience by focusing on four main themes, including strategic direction, design, development, and service delivery, based on five strategic thrusts represented in launching the customer experience policy in Abu Dhabi government, which defines roles and sets standards for providing service, in addition to determining the priorities that is necessary to improve customer experiences to ensure that efforts and resources are focused around them, develop a pioneering design to improve customer experiences in cooperation with the best international expertise, and invest in building capability by enhancing employee skills to enable them to provide a world-class experiences for customers, and the development of an advanced measurement tools to evaluate the performance of customer experience, with the most important measure of which is the customer effort score.

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26 Sep 2023

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