The General Administration of Customs - Abu Dhabi held its first annual forum on Thursday morning for the first time in the history of Abu Dhabi Customs for the employees, officers, and inspectors of Abu Dhabi Customs and its land, sea and air customs centers in presence of more than 400 customs employees and inspectors, to promote effective communication and institutional awareness and emphasize consolidation of the relationship between Abu Dhabi Customs and all of its employees and inspectors at the seat of the National Archives in Abu Dhabi.

The forum began with chanting the national anthem of the United Arab Emirates followed by the main address of HE Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi, who said, “Today we are honored to welcome you to the first annual forum of Abu Dhabi Customs 2019 to explain and clarify the senior management’s trend on the importance of engaging and interacting with all Abu Dhabi Customs employees and inspectors across all administrative and field sites towards success of the implementation of the tasks and projects of the annual corporate plan for 2019, with emphasis on your collective and individual responsibilities to achieve the vision of Abu Dhabi Customs as a leading global customs body leading the change in quest of enhancing security, facilitating trade, and providing distinguished services.”

HE said, “We have met today to review together the positive results we have achieved over the past year and encourage those who worked hard and with assiduousness, excelled, innovated, and been creative, and helped us convey the message and goals of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi, praying Allah the Almighty to maintain such cooperation and coordination between all the sectors, departments and sections, and bless your efforts aimed at bring security and safety to our beloved homeland.”

HE Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi, stressed the importance of the achievements so far made with respect to the start of the implementation of the strategic plan for the development of Abu Dhabi Customs in the next five years starting from this year to make it lead the change in customs work in the region, in addition to the importance of approving and operating the Projects Office which was launched at the end of 2018 and which is responsible for the implementation of 53 projects through 14 programs in all technical, administrative and operational customs sectors.

He also pointed to the great achievement actualized by Abu Dhabi Customs in the support of the policy of Abu Dhabi Government in the area of Emiratisation, the average of which reached 100% across all customs centers affiliated with Abu Dhabi Customs and 98% in the overall administrative and operational sites of Abu Dhabi Customs, which makes Abu Dhabi Customs one of the government entities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with highest percentage of Emirati employees.

In his address, HE Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi, launched the Best Customs Center Competition Award, which will be alternately conducted every three months by shipping and passenger centers. HE explained that the evaluation criteria of the “Best Customs Center Competition Award” will essentially be premised on the major government performance excellence standards such as the means and enablers’ standard, the results’ standard, and the innovation and learning standard.

At the end of the forum, HE Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi honored the distinguished employees and awarded them shields of thanks and appreciation. Several categories of employees were honored including the category of distinguished employees during 2018, and the category of distinguished inspectors in customs work, and finally, the category of employees and teams who have performed extra tasks and services, and expressed to them his happiness for having honored them and said, “the efforts of Abu Dhabi Customs employees are yet continuing to implement Abu Dhabi Customs strategy, vision, mission and essential role in serving the UAE society, preserving its security, and promoting its growth and prosperity.

He thanked and appreciated the role of all employees of the General Administration Customs - Abu Dhabi Customs and its customs centers at all functional levels as well as all the partners who contributed to such success including leaders, managers, employees and inspectors of the General Administration Customs - Abu Dhabi who have always been proactive in giving and devotion to achieve the aspirations of our wise leadership, without the efforts of whom Abu Dhabi Customs would not have reached the prestigious position it enjoys today, renewing the pledge, loyalty and appreciation to our wise leadership and assuring them that we will always abide by the covenant and promise to achieve the utmost in the interest, service, and development of the customs system to benefit the development of our national economy and protect the security and stability of our beloved country.

Update On

18 Sep 2023

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